FreakOuternational meets Pie in the sky on {2016}

Pie in the sky is happy to be invited to Freak Ass E‘s great bi-monthly radio show FreakOuternational on
Listen above to two hours of obscure psychedelia from all over the world.

FreakOuternational meets Pie in the sky on – das Weltkulturradio!
July 22nd 2016, 8pm CET on and now on Mixcloud.

Freak Ass E is a Native Berliner DJ and member of X.A.Cute hosting a bi-monthly radio show featuring music from all over the world, from the Americas, the Caribbean, Africa, the Middle East and the occasional gem from Europe and East Asia. It’s really a great show, you can listen to former episodes on his Mixcloud page and you can find his DJ dates there as well. Highly recommended! Thanks again to Freak Ass E for having me on the show. Follow FreakOuternational on Facebook.


  1. Joao Cirilo – Por d’terra {1985/2016}, Cabo verde, available on Analog Africa’s compilation “Space Echo”
  2.  Las Grecas – Negro son tus ojos {1975/2015}, Spain, available on Blanco y negro/CBS
  3. Dr. Nico – Sookie {1968}, Belgian Congo
  4. Bembaya Jazz National – Petit sekou {1977}, Guinea, available on various compilations
  5. Collage – Mets neidude vahel {1978/2014}, Estonia, available on Hyper Records
  6. The Love of Apricot Blossom Stream – (undecipherable) {197x/2002}, China, available on Thrift Store Records
  7. Los Christians – Viva Tirado {1971}, El Salvador
  8. Dos-Mukasan – Betpak dala {1976}, Kazakhstan
  9. Gökçen Kaynatan – Moda {1966}, Turkey
  10. Tokyo Kid Brothers – Throw away your books, rally in the streets {1971/2009}, Japan, available on Showboat
  11. António Sanches – Pinta Manta {1983/2016}, Cabo verde, available on Analog Africa’s compilation “Space Echo”
  12. Selda Bagcan – Karaoglan {1976/2006}, Turkey, available on Finders Keepers Records
  13. Kebnekaise – Horgalåten {1973/2001}, Sweden, available on Silence
  14. The Progressive Seekers of the Blue Grass Independant Community – Western Drag {1971}, France
  15. Kishon Kumar & Asha Bosle – Bum Pam Pa Ra Ra {1971}, India
  16. Georgie Joe – Eliza {197x/2016}, Mauritius, available on Strut Record’s compilation “Soul Sok Séga – Séga Sounds from Mauritius 1973–1979″
  17. Alain Peters – Rest’la maloya {197x/2015}, La Reunion, available on Moi J’Connais Records
  18. Kobza – Zajczyk {1971}, Ukraine
  19. Baligh Hamdi – Love Story {1972}, Egypt
  20. Los Belkings – La Playa {1966/2003}, Peru, available on Nuevos Medio’s compilation “Instrumental Waves”
  21. Os Anjos – Avante Juventude {1977/2013}, Angola, available on Analog Africa’s compilation “Angola Soundtrack 2 – Hypnosis, Distorsions & Other Sonic Innovations 1969-1978”
  22. Iftin – Haka Yeelin Nacabkeenna {197x}, Somalia
  23. The Oud Sounds (Thzlily A-oud) – Neimat Haud {197x}, Israel
  24. Eden Ahbez – The Old Boat {1960/2012}, USA, available on Moi J’Connais Records

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