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Gökçen Kaynatan – Evren {1973}

“Evren” by Gökçen Kaynatan was the first track to be played on the radio show Electronic Global Psychedelia on WEFT for which I picked two hours of electronic psychedelic music. Check out the great blog...

Ethnique Punch – Radio Zula {2013}

This show from 2013 is not online anymore, check the FreakOuternational’s radio show with Ethnique Punch from 2017 instead. Ethnique Punch at Soundcloud

Rachid & Fethi – Habit-en ich {197x}

I was sure to have heard this song before and thanks to the omniscient internet and the notorious Radio Diffusion blog, I found out. It’s the wonderful track “Leylim Leylim” by the Turkish band...