Santo & Johnny – Sleep Walk {1959}

Sleep Walk by Santo & Johnny is an universal message. There’s no need for words. Is it kitschy, sentimental or just beautiful? You decide.

It’s not easy to believe in anything without a doubt. I personally believe in love. And I think happiness comes from love – to yourself, to your partner, your brother or sister, your family and to others you know or just met. And because we all strive for happiness, I really think all we need is love. The path to find it can be tiresome, painful, depressing and lonely and all sad songs talk about that. This longing is universal and connects all people on Earth. You can numb or distract yourself but the desire for happiness and love, that glowing, warm feeling inside yourself, will be waiting for you when the fun is over.

“John Lennon said he was inspired by Sleep Walk, and that’s why he wrote Free as a Bird. George Harrison released a song called Marwa Blues inspired by Santo and Johnny. Also he loved All Night Diner, the flip side of Sleep Walk. When I heard George Harrison was so inspired – these people in the UK, like Jimmy Page and George Harrison – I didn’t know we touched so many people.” says Santo Farina in the article at the Guardian.

Read more about Santo & Johnny on their website or on Wikipedia.

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