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Kikagaku Moyo – Tree Smoke {2013}

I discovered the contemporary psychedelic band Kikagaku Moyo from Japan in my Facebook stream when somebody in my friend circles showed interest in going to one of their concerts in Berlin in May 2016....

Takeshi Terauchi And His Blue Jeans – Edo Komoriuta {1966}

  I found this track on the incredibly good and sadly out-of-print compilation “Eastern Standart Time” published by the Weltraum label from Munich Germany that was “run out of (now closed) Resonanz record store”,...

Yamasuki – Yama Yama {1971}

Pseudo-japanese french production by Daniel Bangalter, the father of Daft Punk’s Thomas Bangalter. Silly but groovy.

Kopfleuchten – Universal Friend Ship {2014}

Kopfleuchten – Universal Friend Ship by Kopfleuchten on Mixcloud The Robot Scientists presents “SOMETHING SPÆCIAL Vol.3 by KOPFLEUCHTEN” Cosmic psychedelia and space music from 1967 to 1980. Kopfleuchten ) is a blog by Oliver...

The Golden Cups – Hey Joe {1968}

Incredible cover of “Hey Joe” from Japan with an amazing bass player that reminds of me of Firehose‘s Mike Watt.

Meiko Kaji – Hitori Kaze {1973}

Dramatic, funky and slightly psychedelic Enka track by Meiko Kaji. Tarantino used the track The Flower of Carnage by her in Kill Bill 2.