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Eno Moebius Roedelius – The Belldog {1978}

What a beauty! “I was walking through Washington Square Park, towards the “Arc de Triomphe” style monument there. There was a little group of people under the arch, and the full moon stood low...

Dies Irae – The Trip {1971}

Krautrock from my home town Saarbrücken, produced by Conny Blank! 🙂

Loop – Mother Sky {1988}

Not-So-Neo-anymore-but-still-great-psychedelic cover version of Can’s seminal track Mother Sky. Related post

Kosmischer Läufer – Volume Two {2014}

Volume Two by Kosmischer Läufer “This second selection takes a broader look at the scope of Martin Zeichnete’s secret work for the East German Olympic Program. From the running track to the gymnastic floor...

Can – Mother Sky {1970}

Incredible live footage that shows that most of the audience was completely overwhelmed and confused by Can’s new sound aesthetic.