Magdy El Hossainy – Music de Carnaval {1972}

This is an extra to the article I posted today about Abdel Halim Hafez. Magdy El Hossainy was the keyboard player in Hafez’s Al Massiyah Orchestra, see him on stage playing a Moog synthesizer in the track Nebtedi Menien El Hikaya:

He was along with Hany Mehana one of the few people using early electronic instruments in Egypt at that time. Both worked not only with Hafez but also with Omar Khorshid and Umm Kulthum. After the death of Hafez he appeared in several TV shows explaining the Moog and other synthesizers and playing his own music. Here’s some more info about him on The Lost World. The French label Pepite re-released this track on 7″ in March 2016 and pressed only 300 copies. Sadly the vinyl is already sold out but the digital release is still available here on Bandcamp. Check their Soundcloud page for more info.

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