Fathili & The Yahoos ‎- Mabala Part 1 {1970s}

Great track by the Kenyan funk rock band “The Yahoos” published on Afro Rock Volume 1 by Strut Records in 2010 and compiled by Duncan Brooker. I couldn’t find much info about the band or the track, it was published probably in the Seventies by the label Matata. It’s a great addition to my personal favorites of early electronic instruments and effects in rock and folk music. In case you missed it, a while ago I curated a show with electronic psychedelia for the radio show Global Psychedelia on WEFT. You can find all tracks on my blog that are using early electronic instruments by clicking on the moog tag.

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  1. jke says:

    The original Afro-Rock compilation (before it was re-issued by Strut) is from April 2002. Afair that’s the (late) Steele Beautah of Matata on the cover image.

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