Causa Sui – Dust Meridian {2016}

The Danish band Causa Sui just released the second track “Dust Meridian” of their ninth and brand new album Return To Sky which you can buy at El Paraiso Records. Head over to the Facebook page of the label for a chance to win the new album and a copy of the limited edition  10″es with screen-printed cover and two exclusive new tracks, that is already sold out. A while ago they already released a new video of another track of the album, called The Source. Both tracks leave wanting to hear more of the record. To me it seems they’re opening their music up, leaving stoner-rock elements in the background and let other influences surface – from Can, Kebnekaise, Dungen, Goat to Godspeed You! Black Emperor. And they should get a prize for the most beautiful handmade artwork! I would love to see them live, if you’re in Germany in July 14-16th this year, head over to the festival Stoned from the Underground.

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