Dos-Mukasan – Betpak Dala {1976}

Utterly astonishing psychedelic music from Kazakhstan. This country is making me curious, I would love to go there.

As one source writes: “All members of band are very famous people of Kazakhstan, Dosym Suleev – professor, director of Kazakh national techical university; Murat Kusainov – honoured artist, director of music center Auen, composer Aleksandr Litvinov- chief mine-surveyor of Kazakhstan Sharip Omarov – member of Parliament, president of parliamentary comittee, Doctor of Political Sciences, president of football club Meirbek Moldabekov – president of state airspace agency Nurtas Zhumadilov – president of “Banur” agency, Bakytzhan Zhumadilov – director of “Nomad” joint turist company.”

Here’s their website (in Russian only).

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