5 tracks found for Strut Records


Batsumi – Lishonile {1974}

Batsumi by Batsumi The perfect state to listen to “Lishonile” could be the one between asleep and awake, maybe sitting in the train heading home from work or alone at home in the dark too tired to...


Fathili & The Yahoos ‎- Mabala Part 1 {1970s}

Various Artists – Afro-Rock Vol. 1 by Yahoos Great track by the Kenyan funk rock band “The Yahoos” published on Afro Rock Volume 1 by Strut Records in 2010 and compiled by Duncan Brooker....


Georgie Joe – Eliza {1970s}

Soul Sok Séga by Georgie Joe This track by Georgie Joe is from Soul Sok Séga – Séga Sounds from Mauritius 1973–1979, a brand new and very enjoyable compilation by Strut Records presenting music...