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Ahmed Malek & Flako – The Electronic Tapes {2017}

Berlin based reissue label Habibi Funk announces the collection The Electronic Tapes of unreleased electronic music by Algerian composer Ahmed Malek compiled by London based producer Flako. Listen to two preview tracks of the album...

Rachid & Fethi – Habit-en ich {197x}

Rachid & Fethi – Habit-en ich {197x}

I was sure to have heard this song before and thanks to the omniscient internet and the notorious Radio Diffusion blog, I found out. It’s the wonderful track “Leylim Leylim” by the Turkish band...


Jakarta Records – Habibi Funk 002 Mix {2015}

Nice mix by Jakarta Records, a record label from Berlin/Cologne, Germany. Check out part one of the mix here. “I got to travel a lot in north africa in the last years thru touring...