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Causa Sui – Dust Meridian {2016}

The Danish band Causa Sui just released the second track “Dust Meridian” of their ninth and brand new album Return To Sky which you can buy at El Paraiso Records. Head over to the...

Causa Sui – Visions of Summer (1/3) {2008}

I just decided I’ll be posting some more recent psychedelia too, starting off with nine minutes of pure bliss. One thing to be blogging for your own pleasure is that nobody can tell you...

Den Sorte Skole – Lektion III {2013}

Tracklisting/digital booklet: http://densorteskole.net/download/Den_Sorte_Skole_-_Lektion_III_Booklet.pdf Full quality (FLAC/WAV) download with track marks: http://densorteskole.net/lektion-3/ http://densorteskole.net