Los Belkings – Phi Fenomeno {1968}

Los Belkings from Peru usually played beautiful and somewhat cheesy surf rock. On their debut album from 1968 this track stands out and seems to be fallen from the skies. Maybe it’s just the track Setima Patrulla played backwards or their creativity was let loose, anyway it leaves me speechless. Maybe it’s in a way similar to the Neu 2 album in terms of remixing their own material.

Tiger’s Milk Records published another track by them on their compilation Peru Bravo: Funk, Soul & Psych from Peru’s Radical Decade in 2014. Here’s a biography in Spanish and a nice article about them here on A Meander Mag mentioning the best-of compilation Instrumental Waves published in 2003 by the Spanish label Nuevos Medios that contains both tracks and the beautiful La Playa.



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