Gökçen Kaynatan – Evren {1973}

“Evren” by Gökçen Kaynatan was the first track to be played on the radio show Electronic Global Psychedelia on WEFT for which I picked two hours of electronic psychedelic music. Check out the great blog Global Psychedelia and find more information about the show here or listen to the whole show on Mixcloud.

The Turkish musician Gökçen Kaynatan had a minor hit in Turkey in 1966 with his Shadows inspired track Moda. He played in several bands until he decided, frustrated by the constantly changing band members, “to make music without human players”. He released another single in 1973 called Pencerenin Perdesini that can be found on the compilation Hava Narghile from 2001. Both records were released on 1 Numara Records. Kaynatan is considered to be one of the first Turkish musicians to make electronic music and used effects like the Echoplex and Rhythm’n’Sound. He later founded the first electronic music studio in Turkey where he worked with Baris Manço.

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