The Travellers – Slow Soul {1960s}

The Travellers were an obscure Non-Stop-Dancing group from Singapore, similiar to The Stylers. There’s not much information to be found except on the great Radio Diffussion blog and on Madrotter Treasure Hunt, a Dutch music and vinyl enthusiast living in Indonesia. The track is not actually called “Slow Soul”, I guess it’s just the description of the music style (and I don’t understand Mandarin, sorry! 😉 .

“My first introduction to The Travellers was on the questionable compilation entitled “G. I. Funk” on the Payback Recordings label. The song was listed as “Slow Soul” (It was also included on the “Dusty Fingers Vol. 12” compilation, released by Strictly Breaks). Who ever transferred the song, did not bother to learn the real name of the song, instead only listing the track by it’s dance style. On the Non-Stop Dancing Music records, medleys of songs are group by their dance style, A Go-Go, Cha Cha, Bolero, Fox Trot, etc.” from Radio Diffussion

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