Khun Paw Yann – Toe Kay Maw Tam {1970s}

It is really incredible how deep and never ending the world of music is. Just because Alan Bishop of Sublime Frequencies went to Myanmar and brought home a collection of Burmese music from the early 1970s, we are able to listen to the music of Khun Paw Yann today.  Call me naive but I still think this is incredible. I’m not really sure if this track is on the compilation Guitars of the Golden Triangle: Folk and Pop Music Vol. 2 from 2005, because discogs says it contains two unknown tracks by Khun Paw Yann (or Khun Paw Rann). Here’s a nice review about the compilation. At a close second place: here’s an other track by Khun Paw Yann called Hopes and Goals.

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  1. Khun Htay Aung says:

    I am so happy for seeing this song on you website. It’s Pa-O song.

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