Dreamies ‎– Auralgraphic Entertainment {1974}

Imagine it’s 1974: Bill Holt, impressed with The Beatles’ “Revolution #9”, starts to experiment in his basement with sound collages and early electronic instruments on top of a beautiful, simple Folk song. The most chilling and imaginative music I heard in along while. You can still buy it here on Forced Exposure. The dreamies website is here. Bill Holt re-released the album and also a DVD in 2008. Here’s an interview with him on the blog It’s Psychedelic, Baby from 2012. He’s still around making music, so support him by buying his music.

“In the early 1970s, Bill Holt, then in his late 20s with a young family and living in Delaware, quit his job, bought the necessary gear and musical instruments and taught himself how to do the things he needed to be able to do to record Dreamies, his one and only album. “Dreamies” refers to manufactured dream sequences, a term coined by Isaac Asimov in a short story called “Dreaming is a Private Thing.” The LP consists of two long tracks, “Program Ten” and “Program Eleven,” clocking in at about 26 minutes each. Holt was greatly inspired by The Beatles’ “Revolution #9” sound collage and saw his own work as picking up on that thread (hence the numbers). He was also clearly influenced by John Cage’s “Williams Mix” and “Fontana Mix” pieces (John Lennon had obviously heard them, too.)”

Citing Richard Metzger on Dangerous Minds.

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