3 years & 400 videos later: Kopfleuchten’s journey into psychedelic music {2015}

In January 2012 I started collecting psychedelic music from all over the world on my blog Kopfleuchten. Now, three years and over 400 tracks later, you can listen them consecutively in a playlist!

For all free-thinking and open-minded vinyl diggers, self-opinionated sample enthusiasts, illuminated music know-it-alls, clear-sighted shoegazers, banging doom aficionados, analogue synth lovers, postmodern history buffs, curious music history nerds, laid-back dope fiends, dizzy fuzz fanatics, bearded post-punks, grumpy music techies, half naked sun worshippers, latest trend ignorers, imbalanced spirit searchers and better world searchers like you and me.

Play it loud, shuffle, skip and share! Thanks for listening.

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