Aris San – Boumpam {1969}

There is also a turkish and an indian version of the track. The original song from the early 1960s is from the greek musician Panos Gavalas and is called “Bros gremos ke piso remaby” (ΠΑΝΟΣ ΓΑΒΑΛΑΣ ΜΠΡΟΣ ΓΚΡΕΜΟΣ ΚΑΙ ΠΙΣΩ ΡΕΜΑ).

Aris San emigrated from Kalamata, Greece to Israel in the age of 17, became a rock star, got involved with film stars like Anthony Quinn and the local mob and died under mysterious circumstances in Hungary in 1992. The fascinating story of his life can be read in more depth here including a great mix of his music. If you know some Hebrew, here’s a documentary about his life on Youtube which I’m dying to see and understand.

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