Claude Peloquin & Jean Sauvageau – Monsieur l’indien {1972}

Incredibly contemporary sounding track by two Canadians. I found a short biography on Prog Archives stating: “Interesting fact, Jean Sauvageau’s invention, the Machine de Sauvageau, really interested Robert Moog, and it influenced his creation. Also, the members of the band PINK FLOYD went to meet Sauvageau and see his machine.” One commenter on Youtube even seems to know, that “David Gilmour bought the “machine”  Sauvageau made. He used it for Ummagama and Dark side of the moon.”


“Techno spoken word? Electroclash? Experimental Rock? Pretty far from the hippie stuff you’d expect for the times!”

You can find more info on the website of Mucho Gusto Records, who rereleased the record in 2009. Listen to the whole album and buy it on their Bandcamp site.


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