Pooneh – Hamishe Tanha {197x}

The original song, “Gönül Dağı”, was written in 1971 by Neşet Ertaş from Turkey. The best known performance is by Barış Manço & Kurtalan Ekspres from 1973. This version from Iran is by Pooneh and is called “Hamishe Tanha” and is taken from the compilation “Zeendooni” (Pharaway Sounds).

“Zendooni celebrates a time when Pop artists in Iran ruled the country. During the 70s, before the Revolution, Occidental and Middle East mannerisms collided and the result was a new kind of Iranian Pop which incorpotated different genres and arrangements to its Persian roots. Touches of Funk, Jazz, Latin, Bossa, Progressive- Psychedelic sounds and Morricone / Blaxploitation styled soundtracks can be heard on this collection, culled from miraculously survived vinyls and cassettes.”

“…Tehran pop tunes often have melodic phrases common to the traditional dastgah system. Here, those modes & scales impact with some western instrumentation that’s audibly swankier than any you might’ve bumped into elsewhere. Funky, slick & stiletto- heeled pianos & strings sparkle with the same foxy wit as any 3am jazz session, Boogaloo or Blaxploitation tune. You’ll hear cuts & swivels that would make Quincy Jones jealous right alongside santur, tar, or tonbak. The blend makes for riveting & unexpected music…” (Angela Sawyer, Weirdo Records, USA)

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