Elias Rahbani – Dance of Maria {1974}

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“The Rahbani Brothers are acclaimed composers, producers and arrangers, and also responsible for bringing western sounds into Lebanon (at that time the music and artistic capital of the Arab world) and the whole Middle East. Elias, the youngest brother, who at this time was recording music for films, is regarded as the godfather of modern Lebanese music, as he wrote music for virtually all Lebanese bands/artists singing in English or French in the 1960s. As the original liner notes for Mosaic of the Orient read, ‘Elias has brought together instruments of East and West to give an exotic eastern flavor against a background of westernized rhythm.’ Mosaic of the Orient was originally released in the mid ’70s in two volumes (first one in 1974); here we bring you the best of both albums in one single release. The music is a mix of eastern sounds and western rhythms, with haunting melodies, nice drum breaks and using instruments like the nai (a type of Arabic flute), bouzouki, flute, guitar, double flute, kanoun, tabla, drums, tambourine, electric organ and an oriental rhythm section. Limited to 500 copies.”

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