George Garanian and the Melodiya Ensemble – Manevri {1974}

Egon from Now Again Records writes in Funk Archaeology: From Russia, With Funk:

“While this soundtrack retains some importance as the first recorded appearance of ’80s Russian rock icon Alexander Gradsky, its greatest moments come when the oft-recorded Melodiya Ensemble veer away from the noodly fusion jazz they’re most famous for and back Armenian composer George Garanian on two psychedelic funk jams. “Manevri” is probably my top Russian track of all time – something in between The Group’s Feedback album, David Axelrod’s Capitol trilogy and Prestige guitarist Billy Butler’s “Twang Thang.” Both J. Rocc and Madlib were lucky enough to score reasonably priced copies of this record from Igor and Vasily on this trip – this isn’t a rare soundtrack by any means, but as of late it has become expensive.”

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